Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Now THAT was a hike!

All last year, across the first 267 miles of the CT, hardly a drop of rain fell on me. Not once did I pull out my rain gear. Well, that does not seem to be how 2011's miles are shaking out. Not so far, anyway. Hail, a late morning thunderstorm, off-and-on afternoon rain, early morning fog...wet is now a word to add to my CT experience.

I am happy to say that, beyond the added tasks associated with all the moisture (e.g. drying out the tent, being sure key gear stayed dry), it didn't really cramp my style all that much. The biggest challenge came from the fatigue associated with 4 consecutive 20-mile days. Combined with lots of elevation gains, these miles really wiped me out. I'll admit it, when the last day's 12 and a half miles were nearly complete as I approached Spring Creek Pass where Helene was meeting me, I was ready to be off the trail.

Not that the 90.6 miles were all wet and tired...I saw so much beauty (mountain vistas, gorgeous sunsets, lovely wildflowers), I successfully met the challenge of all those miles, my body kept on keeping on, and I raised more revenue for MPEC's education programs, so young folks can continue experiencing the natural world through our programs. Not a bad way so spend five days in July.

I am now 358 miles into the 485-mile adventure. This leaves 127 miles of some of the most beautiful mountain scenery Colorado has to offer left to hike. Of course, the on-going challenge is how to fit the rest of these miles into all the other things I need and want to do this summer. But, a plan to finish the CT in two more separate treks is taking shape...more as that firms up. Here are a few photos from along the trail. Also, you can check out a recent Pueblo Chieftain article on my Colorado Trail Hike by clicking here.

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