Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hiking Myself Back Home!

I am happy to write that last Friday, Aug 26, I dropped down into the Junction Creek drainage a few miles north of the city of Durango and then hiked the final two and a half miles to the Junction Trailhead...I have now completed the 485.8 miles of the Colorado Trail. And it feels terrific! It was a multi-faceted final 74 miles, which I hiked over 4 days, with plenty of rain, and the most lightning of the entire trail to deal with. The mountain scenery was spectacular and the wildflowers were still in very good form. As I dropped in elevation as I hiked the final Section 28, I began to notice ponderosa pine trees, a lower elevation tree that is a part of my daily life here at home and at MPEC, but a tree I hadn't seen much of along the trail since I've been up so high for the last several hundred miles. Yes, it felt like I hiked 486 miles only to wind up right back at home! Helene and I took a few days after the hike and wound up in Santa Fe for some much appreciated rest and relaxation. And now, home again!
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this fund-raising effort...we are now up to $74 per mile and still working towards the $100/mile goal. I have several musical slide presentations scheduled this fall, and hope to schedule more of them (call 719-485-4444 of you'd like to schedule one of these enjoyable, informative and entertaining presentations).
Happy trails, Ranger Dave

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