Friday, September 16, 2011

It's three weeks ago today...

...that I completed the trail, and I'm still hungry all the time....I am wondering if my already fast metabolism got kicked up a notch from those days on the trail. Whatever it is, I am so enjoying the good foods I've been eating...homemade tomato soup (that Helene made last weekend), lots of salads, and the fresh fruit has been great, especially all the fresh peaches -- there is nothing quite like a fresh, perfectly ripe organic peach from Colorado's western slope!

We had a cold wet snap come through Colorado the last few days...I heard that the high country, including the stretch I just hiked, would be getting a good hit of snow. I am glad I got out there when I did!

The Pueblo Chieftain had me write another installment for the paper, which I so enjoyed writing. It is scheduled to run on September 20...I'll put a link in this blog next week.

I've finished adding the new photos and songs to my musical slide presentation, which I will be doing this Sunday afternoon, Sept 18, at the home of Susan Stiller's in Pueblo, hosted by Susan and MPEC Board Member Lamar Trant. Call me at home at 485-3191 if you want to attend. I'll be doing more of these the next few months, including at MPEC, after a soup, bread, salad and dessert dinner, on November 5. We just passed the $80/mile mark...thanks to all who are supporting this effort, as MPEC is as busy as ever with our Nature Education programs! I'm still working towards the goal of $100/mile!

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