Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Colorado Trail miles: 41 hiked, 444 to go...one step at a time!

I completed my first venture along the Colorado Trail as the weather appeared to be hinting at turning back towards winter. A windy and cooling May 10 morning as I hiked the final miles, after a warm and gentle night, made me glad that my son was meeting me at the section end to shuttle me back to my car. I hear a foot or two of snow may be falling as I write this blog entry. The lighter gear and my solo venture for these first three sections allowed a pace that I was pleased and surprised at...16 miles on day one, nearly 17 on day 2, and only about 8 miles on the final leg. Words/thoughts for each of the 3 sections -- Section 1: a lovely Waterton Canyon hike; many mountain bikers sharing the trail; great views of the Buffalo Creek burn area (section 2's hike); a sunny day becoming grey that tried to rain but just couldn't muster any real raindrops. Section 2: a frosty morning; many miles of burned over land; hundreds of pasqueflowers; mountain ball cacti; lonely, hot and windy; no water. Section 3: more mountain bikes in the beginning; just me and the wind the last six miles; fleeting views of snowy Mt. Evans; my son Sequoia and his dog Bella greeting me at the end of mile 41. A great start for a great cause, Nature Education. (Photos: view of Buffalo Creek burn, mountain ball cactus, Pikes Peak in the distance in middle of Section 2, my overnight accommodations, feeling good at sections 3 end.)


  1. This is a fabulous post. Love the photos...it's getting more real now. Thanks for your passion to educate children--and raising money by walking 485 miles. Awesome, just awesome.

  2. Go Dave! Fabulous idea. Putting all your love for the children into a constructive activity to raise funds! Awesome example! I'm in! Just made my $$ donation ... and now donating hugs and "go Dave" to inspire you along the way. hugs!!!

  3. Karen, Thanks so much for your support...it is people like you and Lee that are making this effort a success. (Sorry for the delayed response, I'm rahter busy these days and haven't checked out the blog in awhile.) I am currently trying to carve out a few days in the next couple of weeks to get a few more miles in. I'll keep you posted as soon as I get out there again. Thanks again, Dave