Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mile 100 passed and looking forward to the next 100!

A couple of fairly long days of hiking and so much gorgeous scenery and now Section 6 is complete. I enjoyed the good company of Tim Sandsmark, who helped with vehicle shuttling, and then hiked the first 6 miles of the trail with me. Thanks so much, Tim. Tim is an excellent photographer, and you can check out his photos of the hike at

I then continued up and over the Continental Divide at Georgia Pass. This was the highest point of the hike thusfar, at 11,800'. There were several snow drifts to maneuver over, but they presented no real problem except for a bit of snow in my shoes (I was too lazy to put on the gaiters). I camped at mile 17.1 and enjoyed a lovely "close-to-full moon" and the melancholy song of a lone hermit thrush. The hike into Breckenridge was full of beautiful mountains, lodgepole pines (many hit by pine beetles), and a very hot sun that had me pretty cooked by the time I reached my car.
You can go to my Facebook page at!/photo.php?pid=726784&id=1274464053 for my photos of the 33 mile trek.
This bring my mileage total to 104 miles. I am looking forward to continuing this effort as the summer unfolds. If you are interested in hiking/backpacking a section with me, please email me at so we can make a plan.

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