Saturday, October 9, 2010

One more time before wintry conditions prevail!

The 14.3 miles of Section 15, from Hwy 50 to Marshall Pass, is on my agenda for this Monday, Oct 11. Helene and I plan on heading over to Salida tomorrow afternoon so I can get an early start the next morning on the last section of the Colorado Trail that I will do this year. It will be a good workout - a 3600' climb spread over the first several miles will take me up along the Continental Divide, which the trail hugs over the next 150 miles. So, the views should be terrific, the temps probably pretty cool, and I believe there may already be a bit of snow up there. Helene is kind enough to to have arranged her schedule so she can drop me off, and then drive around and pick me up at Marshall Pass, early afternoon if my legs are up for a perky pace. I heard a TV meteorologist say that a strong front will be arriving in Colorado on Tuesday, so one last hurrah before I say good-bye to the CT for 2010.


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  2. I love watching your progress. Your passion to hike the CT is amazing. Thanks for serving up a generous amount of education and new experiences in nature at MPEC. Blessings on all you do, Dave! Lee