Friday, June 20, 2014

Songs From the Trail

Over the past few years, I have presented my Colorado Trail musical slide show many times all over Colorado. This is always a pleasure for me, as I get to re-live the many trail experiences I had, once again see photos of Colorado's amazing high country, and sing some of the songs that I kept myself company with when I was out on the trail. And, I would get to raise some more funds for MPEC's Nature education programs.

The other day I was singing some songs for the trees outside my home and for the evening sky, and when I began to play Jackson Browne's These Days, I was immediately transported to being on the Colorado Trail. This is the opening song that I do during the slide show, and so it now has taken on such a strong association with hiking the Colorado Trail. The opening lyric, "Now I've been out walking," takes me right back to being out there in Colorado's wild Nature, walking and walking and walking. Other songs that I now associate with hiking the trail include I Will (Paul McCartney), Kathy's Song (Paul Simon), and Carol King's Home Again, as I sang these over and over again out on the trail, and as part of the slide presentation.

With the upcoming hike, and knowing that I'll be putting together another presentation (with live music of course), I've been giving just a little bit of thought to what songs will be a part of that presentation. I can only use a handful of songs for the presentation - not so for when I am hiking, as I will be out there for a week or more, so I'll have time for lots of songs. So I'll have to narrow it down to just a few for the presentation.

One of the many things I am looking forward to on the upcoming trek is being out there in such beautiful country while keeping myself company with songs that I enjoy singing. It's been awhile since I made a living solely as a musician, but I love making music, and I am so pleased that music has become a part of my Colorado Trail Backpack for Nature Education.

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