Monday, June 30, 2014

Still Lots of High Country Snow

From the Colorado Trail Foundation Facebook page (highlighting mine): CONDITIONS KNOWN JUNE 26. Though there's more info in other postings, here's the SUMMARY. Growing list cuz it's been melting, SNOW FREE are Segments 1-5, 11-14, 17-19, 27 & 28. PASSABLE SNOW reported in Segs 6, 7 & 20, meaning we've heard users who've gotten through the remaining snow report that they didn't consider it to be dangerous or brutally exhausting. No other segments are known to be snow free or passable, but it might be there are some and we just haven't heard yet. Additional reports suggest that the high elevations on Seg 8 and Collegiate West 01-05 might retain significant snow until mid July; they may be the last to melt and become passable for most users. MINOR DETOUR in Seg 13 mile 0.2 is only 1/4 mile long and well signed. BRIDGE OUT in Seg 19 Cochetopa Creek; you'll need to be cautious and ford the creek. Hope this helps. Have a great trip on The Colorado Trail.

So, my plan to not hit the trail until the latter part of July sounds like a good one, as I do not feel like post-holing across miles of wet snow while I backpack these mountains. Meanwhile, we've had a few days of very hot temps, so some of that snow must be melting as I type these words.  

Click here for Colorado Trail Foundation Facebook post!

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