Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another 23 miles brings me close to the CT's halfway point!

Section 13, 22.8 miles from North Cottonwood Creek to the Mt. Princeton Hot Spring area, was pleasantly hiked yesterday. I had some company on this section...friend and MPEC supporter Jacqui Brooks came all the way from her home in Spain (Jacqui is from Wales in the U.K.) to hike the first 9 miles, the section's biggest climb right out of the initial trailhead (where Helene dropped us off). Jacqui is doing lots of other things while here on holiday, but this may have been one of the highlights of her trip. My lovely wife Helene, friend and MPEC supporter Barbara Jackson and her friend Jerry (plus his two little dogs) hiked a few miles from the Avalanche TH to the Cottonwood Lake Road, where I enjoyed a light and tasty lunch before taking on the remaining 14 miles solo (I sang Carol King's Home Again, JT's There Something in the Way She Moves, and the Everly Bros.' All I have to Do is Dream along these quick miles). Barbara and Jerry whipped up a delicious and most welcome post-hike dinner in their camper at Cottonwood Hot Springs (thank you!), where Helene and I (and Jacqui) tented Friday and Saturday evening...the hot water before and after the hike was divine. This brings me to 232 miles, just a few miles short of the CT's halfway point (my goal for 2010)...which I hope to hike soon. What a great weekend in Colorado's high country!

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