Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A couple more weeks and I'll be back on the trail!

It's been October since I hiked down into Marshall Pass and completed 2010's Colorado Trail miles. My feet are itching to get back out there, and it looks like the itch will soon be relieved. My plan is to get dropped off at Marshall Pass (which is southwest of Salida) after a dinner in Salida on Thursday, June 23 and get in a few miles. Then, over the next six days, hike to Spring Creek Pass, 91 miles from my dropoff. A couple of issues I anticipate are few reliable water sources over the first 50 miles or so, and then potentially deep snow towards the latter part. As for water, this will require being very careful about where and how far the next creek or spring is. I am hoping the above average winter of snow will help with this issue. Speaking of snowfall...the Colorado high country overall has received 249% of average snowfall this past winter. I've been trying to find out snowpack conditions along this section of trail, as I do not want to deal with long stretches of six feet deep, wet snow. I still have two+ weeks before I am out there, and it is warming up as summer weather takes hold. So I believe I will be ok, but I will continue to find out what I can as my plan is to average around 15 miles each day...deep sloppy wet snow will make that very difficult, and maybe not possible. More on all of this soon...

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